Dechra proudly introduces Mirataz: Veterinary licensed transdermal medication for feline weight control

June 21, 2021

Unintended weight loss is the #3 reason for pet owners to bring their cat to the veterinarian. Controlling rapid weight loss is critical, and to date has depended on off-label use of oral human medications, which can be difficult to administer and dose accurately.

In a significant advancement, Dechra proudly introduces Mirataz, an easy to administer transdermal ointment and the only veterinary licensed treatment for unintended feline weight loss.

With demonstrated efficacy and quality over compounded products, Mirataz provides absolute dosing accuracy and eliminates the need for pet owners to have to administer pills to their cat.

While the underlying cause of the weight loss is being determined, Mirataz transdermal ointment provides simplified administration, reducing pet owner anxiety and protecting the human-animal bond.

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